As broadcasters attempt to address the many challenges in creating compelling football productions they look to technology to enable them to be more innovative without compromising workflows.

Data, both current and Historical, has become an important part of sport. Audiences are beginning to demand the depth of information available on the Internet to enhance their TV experience. Getting this data onto the screen however poses many challenges but generates many opportunities to improve audience understanding.

Introducing MAGMA, the deltatre powerful and modular solution suitable for broadcasters who need a TV Graphics machine for standard, enhanced and virtual graphics.

Few graphic examples of what MAGMA can do

Use the image slideshow to see some examples of the graphics which can be output using MAGMA Football, MAGMA PRO powered by Viz Libero and MAGMA PRO powered by Piero.

Please feel free to browse this website to access the available public content.

Know more about the MAGMA Products

If you wish to know more about MAGMA and its three different implementations, you can request a login and password to deltatre Sales department. We will be glad to get back to you in the shortest possible time.